Planning is already well underway for Mach 07, Scotland and Northern Ireland Regions Blue camp at MOD Machrihanish. Expect another 4 weeks in the summer of 2007 on the sunny mull of kintyre. It is again planned to host 200 cadets per week over a 4 week period. In order to make this work it will also need some 50 staff per week.

Many valuable lessons have been learnt from the series of Mach 06 camps, following 2 wash up meetings, and these will be taken account of in the planning for next year.

So what can you expect?

  1. It is planned to make the modules last 2.5 days, so that cadets can undertake 2 complete modules during the weeks camp.
  2. Instructor cadets will be used as module staff, and assist with the training and / or instruction, to enhance their personal development.
  3. Modules will, where applicable, lead to national recognised awards. Modules will be similar to Mach 06 with hopefully some new additions.
  4. Catering to be reviewed, in particular the lunchtime arrangements.
  5. Each week the program should be the same, so that everyone has the same experience and opportunities.

What are the minimum cadet requirements?

This is a blue camp and the conditions of ACP 237 are applicable i.e

a. Age 13 Yrs 3 Months
b. Enrolled Cadet
c. 1st Class

Further details will be released to all units between Nov 06 and Jan 07. Cadet and Staff nominations need to be in by 31 Mar, so that accomodation / module allocations can be made. Further communications re Mach 07 will appear on the Regional and Wing Websites during the coming months, as well as a series of Regional Newsletters, which will be disseminated to all squadrons.

It should be noted that in 2007 cadets will not be permitted to remain beyond their chosen week of attendance.

Watch for the information coming out and get your name in early………..

Here you can download the Mach 07 Poster (filesize is 4Mb) to display in your squadron

The Cadet Centre, Paisley TAC, 65 Hawkhead Road, Paisley. PA1 3NE | Phone 0141 887 3111 | Fax 0141 887 9555