There are a wide variety of activities on offer to cadets.
Adventure Training
Adventure Training within the Air Cadets can take on many forms. From camping and hillwalking, to canoeing, sailing, climbing, abseiling and parachuting.

A wide variety of sports are enjoyed by the cadets. Most are played not only at squadron level, but also at Wing, Regional and National levels.

Canoeing and Dingy Sailing
The Air Cadets is about flying, but some cadets like to get wet. For those people canoeing, dingy sailing and white water rafting provide a lot of fun. These activities like all activities within the Air Cadets are only carried out with correctly qualified staff and all the required safety equipment.

Climbing and Abseiling
These activities go well together as what goes up must come down.

Climbing is hard work and not all cadets enjoy it, but all cadets will get the chance to try it during their career with in the Corps. Sometimes cadets will climb in climbing boots, to get a better feel for the rock. At other times they will climb using their “Army” boots or scramble nets in the same way as the regulars when on exercise. At all times there is a safety rope attached as well as the climbing rope.

Cadets can rarely be accused of hanging around, but when abseiling that’s just what they do. Some have a fear of heights before they start abseiling but most overcome this when they make their first descent. It may be terrifying steping out into nothingness, but it’s also great fun. Again safety is paramount, with a safety rope as well as the descent rope being used.

This is definately one of the most exciting activities cadets can do. The courses are run by the Royal Air Force at RAF Weston-on-the-Green. Only more senior cadet are allowed to take part and competition is fierce for the available places.
It is the only time cadets will jump out of an RAF aircraft when it is still working.

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